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All of our past events are recorded and are available on our YouTube channel.
Open up the course you are interested in and scroll down to the YouTube link.
Many events also have the speaker’s PowerPoint presentation available.
Once you have viewed the workshop on YouTube, enroll in the course so that you can take the Quiz.
If you pass with 70% or better, you earn a Certificate of Completion.
Certificates of Completion serve as proof of two hours of medical mentorship.

Student panel!
Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine logo

Sat Apr 13: Pathways to Medical Excellence: Insights from Kaiser Permanente’s Medical Student Panel

Admissions experts!
Dr. Willies-Jacobo smiling

Fri Apr 12: Achieving Excellence: Decoding Admissions Success at Kaiser Permanente Tyson School of Medicine

Inspiring and authoritative!
Dr. Raquel Arias smiling at the camera in her lab coat

Sat Apr 6: Bridging the Gap to Keck USC SOM: Strategies, Insights, and Overcoming Obstacles for PreMed Students by Dean of Admission

Invaluable insider knowledge!
Dr Jennifer Lucero smiling

Fri Apr 5: From Aspiration to Acceptance: The UCLA DGSOM Admissions Blueprint with the Dean of Admissions

Don't miss this event!
Jesse Ehrenfeld smiling

Sat Mar 23: Frontiers of Change: Future of Medicine with Trailblazing Leadership of AMA President

The power of perseverance!
Jackson McCue, bearded with a suit and tie

Fri Mar 22: How to fail 13* classes in community college, get into a top medical school, and graduate on top of the class!

Inspiring story!
Doctor Godoy's portrait

Sat Mar 16: From High School Drop out to Community College and Cardiothoracic Surgery

Competitive candidacy tips!
Dr. Joel Mauer smiling

Fri Mar 15:  Competitive Candidacy Workshop: Unlocking the Doors to UCR School of Medicine with Admissions Dean Maurer

National Student Medical Association logo

Fri Mar 15: How to Navigate Racism and Discrimination in Your Pre-Health Journey

Authentic living!
Dr Denise Martinez

Sat Mar 9: Everything I Wish I Knew as a PreMed Student: Ultimate Guide to Thriving in YOUR Journey

The pursuit of excellence!
A smiling portrait of Cristobal Barrios in his lab coat

Fri Mar 8: Pathways to Excellence: Standing Out on Your Journey to UCI School of Medicine

A leader in healthcare!
Marie Ansari

Sat Mar 2: Shattering Ceilings: Trailblazing Path of the First Female CEO & Executive Director of The Permanente Medical Group

Public health expert!
Derric Bynum smiling

Fri Mar 1: Charting YOUR Future in Public Health: Explore Diverse Pathways at UC Berkeley School of Public Health

Panel of PA expertise!
Omar Nunez, Karyna Bravo, Rene Badillo and Rigo Ramos

Wed Feb 28: From CASAPp-etizers to a 5-Course: How to Prepare for the PA School Application Feast

Transform your life!
Madeline Babb

Sat Feb 24: Transforming Ambitions into Reality: Journey From Community College to Medicine

Learn from an inspired advocate!
Marcella Anthony

Fri Feb 23: Unveiling Exclusive Programs for Community College Pre-Med & Pre-STEM Students at Stanford University & School of Medicine

Craft YOUR statement!
Mario Navarro

Wed Feb 21: PA School Personal Statement – How to Write YOUR Story and Get Accepted

Win over yourself!
Melissa Gonzalez

Sat Feb 17: Conquering Doubts: Triumphing Over Imposter Syndrome and Negativity in Your Pre-Med Journey

Expand your perspective!
Dr. Heena Panchal

Fri Feb 16: Integrative Horizons: Blending Psychiatry, Family Medicine, Wellness, and Behavioral Health in Modern Medicine

The path of psychiatry!
Dr Julio Monterrey

Sat Feb 10: Exploring Psychiatry in the Latinx Community: A Comprehensive PreMed Guide to Mental Health Medicine

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