Madeline Babb and Trinity Papamandjaris

Sat Mar 18: How to Study for the MCAT Without An Expensive Prep Course and Score in the 97 Percentile

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Madeleine Babb

Trinity Papamandjaris
Executive Vice President

Saturday, March 18, 2023
11am-12:30pm PST

Click on the YouTube link below to view this webinar. Once you have viewed the presentation, you can log back in and take the Quiz for this event. A score of 70% or above will earn you a Certificate for 2 hours of Medical Mentorship.

Workshop Description:
Are you planning to take the MCAT? Do you know how to study for the MCAT? You cannot afford an expensive Prep Course? You cannot afford expensive private tutoring? Are you confused?
Then you should attend this session and learn from Madeleine and Trinity, who both studied for the MCAT on their own and scored 519 and 520, respectively.
Come to learn from them and free tools, materials, and techniques they used to secure a 97 percentile.

About the Speakers:
Madeline Babb
My name is Madeleine Babb and I am the President here at PreMedCC. I started my academic career at Santa Barbara City College where I majored in Biological Sciences and worked as a Tutor for Biology and Precalculus classes. I also served as President of the SBCC Biology Club and Secretary for the Pre-Med Club. I then transferred to University of California, Los Angeles and graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology and minor in Genetics and Society. I recently took the MCAT and am starting two gap years working as a Mohs surgery histology technician before starting medical school. My ultimate goal is to pursue a medical career specializing in either dermatology or obstetrics. I am very excited to be at PreMedCC and I am eager to assist other current or former community college students in reaching their goals!

Trinity Papamandjaris
My name is Trinity Papamandjaris and I am from London, Ontario, Canada. I am entering into my third year of university at the University of Guelph. I am studying biomedical science. I am also a varsity athlete on the women’s basketball team. My family is pretty small since I don’t have any siblings. I live with both of my parents, who are chefs, as well as my two dogs Kobe and Luna. My hobbies include tennis, cooking, and reading mostly fantasy novels.
My professional goal is to become a doctor. The two fields that interest me most are emergency medicine and surgery. I am not quite sure which will suit me best but hopefully through experience I can find which field I am most passionate about. I also volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross as a personal disaster volunteer. That means that I help families in my community cope with emergencies such as house fires and floods. 
Other causes that are important to me are animal rights and social justice. I support animal rights by maintaining a vegetarian diet. I also volunteer with animal rescue organizations and local dog shelters when I can. As for social justice, I do my best to learn from others and to be an active ally for minorities in my community.
Two personal goals of mine are to learn sign language and to volunteer abroad. I would love to learn sign language to improve accessibility in health care. Finally, volunteering abroad would give me a more profound understanding of the daily life of people around the world.

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Topic: How to Study for the MCAT Without An Expensive Prep Course and Score in the 97 Percentile
When: Saturday, March 18, 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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