Dr Julio Monterrey

Sat Feb 10: Exploring Psychiatry in the Latinx Community: A Comprehensive PreMed Guide to Mental Health Medicine

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Julio Monterrey, MD MS
Saturday, February 10, 2024, 
10:00am-11:30am PST

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Workshop Description:
“Exploring Psychiatry in the Latinx Community: A Comprehensive PreMed Guide to Mental Health Medicine” is an essential workshop for community college and university PreMed students focused on the intersection of psychiatry and cultural competence. This workshop will provide an in-depth exploration of psychiatry, its scope, and the pivotal role psychiatrists play, particularly in addressing the mental health needs of the Latino community. 
Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the various facets of psychiatric practice, from diagnosing and treating mental illnesses to the importance of culturally sensitive approaches in enhancing patient care. The session will also spotlight the unique mental health challenges and disparities faced by the Latino community, emphasizing the need for culturally aware mental health professionals.
We are privileged to have Dr. Julio Monterrey, MD MS, a distinguished psychiatrist, leading the workshop. With his extensive experience and dedication to mental health in the Latinx community, Dr. Monterrey offers invaluable insights into the practice of psychiatry. His expertise will not only educate but also inspire those aspiring to make a significant impact in the field of mental health. Join us for this enlightening session and deepen your understanding of psychiatry’s critical role in serving diverse communities.

About the Speaker:
Dr. Julio Monterrey comes from a low-income background and grew up in East San Jose. He attended Andrew Hill high school, where he took as many AP classes as possible, played varsity soccer for three years, and ran varsity cross country, all while maintaining a high GPA. His most memorable week of his high school experience was performing an unabridged theater production of the Shakespeare play of Othello, where he played the role Othello.
Dr Monterrey attended Santa Clara University for his undergraduate, where he majored in Biology with an emphasis and Molecular and Cell Biology. During his undergrad, he participated in the SCOPE program at Stanford University, where he became a certified Spanish interpreter for Valley Medical Center and would shadow and scribe for Emergency Medicine Attendings, often times doing overnight shifts when regular hospital interpretation services were not available. Dr Monterrey also began engaging in cancer biology research the summer after his junior year in college with a nonprofit organization, studying the ways that nutrients, such as vitamins and green tea extracts, can modulate the metastatic potential of cancer cells.
After taking a gap year between undergrad and medical school and engaging in further cancer biology research as well as community organizing activities such as becoming president of his local neighborhood association, Dr Monterrey was accepted to UC Irvine School of Medicine. He was also accepted into the combined MD-masters program called PRIME-LC (Program in Medical Education, Latino Community emphasis), which included taking medical anthropology classes during his first two years of medical school, in addition to the regular medical school curriculum, in order to eventually better serve minoritized communities of California. PRIME-LC also included the requirement of obtaining a masters degree to further prepare future physicians to treat underserved populations. 
After completing his pre-clinical years at UC Irvine, Dr Monterrey attended Stanford University Masters program in Epidemiology and Clinical Study Design. His research focused on neuroimaging in children with autism, specifically using high-resolution MRI called DTI that allows visualization of neuronal maps of the brain. After six years of dual enrollment at UC Irvine and Stanford University, Dr Monterrey finally completed his MD degree and masters degree and was accepted into residency at Stanford University for Psychiatry, and specifically for the highly competitive NIH-funded research track position, of which there are only two spots per year for psychiatry at Stanford. 
After completing his residency training in 2018, Dr Monterrey opened up a psychiatry clinic and East San Jose for low income families. He has also worked with the county of Santa Clara to provide psychiatric care to low income people of all ages and became Medical Director for seven clinics including a geriatric psychiatric clinic, an adult psychiatry clinic, and several pediatric psychiatric clinics including two juvenile court clinics and a pediatric refugee clinic. Dr Monterrey has also served as Medical Director for a national telebehavioral health company and currently works in his own private practice in the South Bay. 

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Topic: Exploring Psychiatry in the Latinx Community: A Comprehensive PreMed Guide to Mental Health Medicine
When: Saturday, Feb 10, 10:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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