Richard Shaw and Alice Petty

Fri Nov 10: Your Path from Community College to Stanford University: Insights from the Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Director of Transfer Advising

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Richard H. Shaw
Dean of Undergraduate Admissions & Financial Aid
Stanford University

Alice Petty, Ph.D.
Director, Transfer Advising 
Undergraduate Advising
Academic Advising
Stanford University

Friday, November 10, 2023, 
3pm-4:30pm PST

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Workshop Description:
Embark on an extraordinary journey from your community college to the illustrious Stanford University in our exclusive workshop, “Transferring from Community College to Stanford University.” This event is tailored explicitly for community college students, non-traditional learners, first-generation scholars, and our esteemed veterans who are eager to shape their academic destinies.
Tired of sifting through vague blogs and misguided advice? Join us for a unique opportunity to ask your burning questions directly to the decision-makers themselves, ensuring you receive accurate and invaluable insights. Our presenters are experts in their field and have the experience and knowledge to guide you on the path to success.
Richard H. Shaw, the distinguished Dean of Undergraduate Admissions & Financial Aid at Stanford University, will share his expertise and provide you with an inside look at the admissions process. Alice Petty, Ph.D., the highly regarded Undergraduate Advising Director for Transfer Advising, will be your trusted guide through the academic advising intricacies, ensuring you have the tools you need to thrive.
Don’t miss out on this transformative event that can set you on the course to fulfilling your academic dreams. Secure your spot now, and let your journey from community college to Stanford University begin with confidence and clarity.

NOTE: This is OPEN to ALL Majors and Transfer Students

About the Speakers:

Richard H. Shaw
Richard H. Shaw assumed the role of Dean of Admission and Financial Aid at Stanford University on September 1, 2005. His appointment was met with praise and anticipation, as Stanford Provost John Etchemendy articulated, “Rick Shaw brings a wealth of experience across various facets crucial to Stanford’s mission, particularly in fostering diversity within the student body. He possesses an intimate understanding of the intricacies associated with selective admissions, a staunch advocate for liberal arts education, and a relentless commitment to ensuring that higher education remains accessible to all.”
Dean Shaw’s illustrious career in higher education administration spans several prestigious institutions. Notably, he helmed Yale University’s Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid Office from 1993 to 2005, overseeing a critical period of academic evolution. Prior to his tenure at Yale, Shaw held the pivotal position of Director of Admissions at the University of Michigan from 1988 to 1993. His earlier career trajectory saw him serving as the Associate Director of Admissions and Records at the University of California-Berkeley from 1983 to 1988 and occupying various roles in admissions and residence management at the University of Colorado-Boulder between 1972 and 1981.
Dean Shaw’s influence extends beyond the boundaries of individual institutions. He is not only a member but has also held prominent leadership roles within several national admission organizations. These affiliations include distinguished bodies such as the College Board, the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, the Consortium on Financing Higher Education, and the National Association of College Admissions Counselors. Such involvement underscores his commitment to advancing best practices in admissions and financial aid on a broader scale.
His tenure as Dean of Admission and Financial Aid at Stanford University is characterized by a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted commitment to the values of diversity, selective admissions, liberal arts education, and equitable access to higher education. His exemplary career trajectory and active participation in national admission groups reinforce his pivotal role in shaping the landscape of higher education in the United States.

Alice Petty, Ph.D.
Dr. Petty earned a B.A. from Hampshire College and holds a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Studies from The Johns Hopkins University, with a focus on Archaeology and secondary concentrations in Akkadian and in Egyptology. She first joined VPUE as a post-doctoral teaching fellow for the Introduction to Humanities (IHUM) program in 2007, where she served on the teaching teams for Humans & Machines, World Archaeology and Global Heritage, and Inventing Classics. Alice joined Advising in 2011, and served has served as the Academic Director in Wilbur Hall, Director of Pre-Major Advising, and Director of the Stanford Newcomer Guide program. She is currently the Undergraduate Advising Director (UAD) and Program Coordinator for Transfer Advising.
Alice supports Stanford’s transfer students once they have been offered admission to Stanford, helping them make informed decisions about their education. She works with students individually throughout the summer prior to enrollment as they navigate the transfer credit assessment process. She advises students on possible majors, course selection, and strategic academic planning; additionally, she helps her students identify support resources and academic opportunities that are a good fit for their needs and interests. She works closely with partners across the University in Admissions, Financial Aid, ResEd, Student Affairs, OMAC, and the OAE as well as with individual departments to field questions and address concerns that are specific to the transfer experience.

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Topic: Your Path from Community College to Stanford University: Insights from the Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Director of Transfer Advising 
When: Friday, Nov 10, 3:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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