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Fri Mar 22: How to fail 13* classes in community college, get into a top medical school, and graduate on top of the class!

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Jackson J. McCue, MS IV
University of Washington School of Medicine
Friday, March 22, 2024
5pm-6:30pm PST

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Workshop Description:
Dive into an inspiring narrative at our workshop, “How to Fail 13 Classes in Community College, Get Into a Top Medical School, and Graduate on Top of the Class!” Discover the extraordinary story of Jackson J. McCue, MS IV, whose path to the University of Washington School of Medicine defies all odds. Once a hockey player with an aversion to academics and medical settings, JJ’s journey took a transformative turn, reshaping him into an outstanding student and a beacon of hope for those who have stumbled. This workshop is designed to resonate with pre-med students who have faced setbacks, offering a raw and motivational account of perseverance, strategic reinvention, and unwavering determination. JJ McCue exemplifies that a past speckled with failures is not a barrier but a stepping stone to greatness. Engage with his strategies and insights that propelled him from academic struggles to medical school excellence, and learn how you, too, can redefine your potential and achieve the extraordinary in the competitive world of medicine.

About the Speaker:
Growing up as a hockey player, JJ McCue spent time between Fort Collins, Colorado and Cheyenne, Wyoming. After high school, his career ended playing in the Saskatchewan Junior A Hockey League.
He then moved back to Fort Collins. From 2010 to 2013, JJ competed in Brazilian Jui Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts to fill the void left by his hockey career. He worked as a nutrition coach and attended some classes at Front Range Community College. Many of these classes were they least of his concerns and he failed them; while others were some of the most formative education of his career. 
In 2013, his grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s’ disease. JJ decided that he wanted to pursue medicine. Friends and family laughed at this because he had a history of passing out around medical stimuli and historically was a poor student.
JJ started back at Front Range Community College and was eventually able to transfer to Colorado State University and completed a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Metabolism in 2016. He was named “The Outstanding Senior” of his graduating class. In 2016, he began applying to medical school and went to work for Virta Health, a company working at the intersection of technology, nutrition and medicine.
In 2020, he was finally accepted to medical school and started at the University of Washington School of Medicine via the WWAMI Wyoming program where he was Targeted Rural and Underserved Track (TRUST) Scholar.
He has finished interviewing for PM&R residencies and will find out where he matched in March of 2024. Ultimately, he hopes to use technology to increase access to care for folks living in rural communities and bring some of the paradigms from PM&R to diseases such as Alzheimer’s. 
He has written about his experience overcoming both a bad GPA and a history of passing out to get into and make it through medical school. These ebooks can be found at https://jjmccue3.gumroad.com/

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Topic: How to fail 13* classes in community college, get into a top medical school, and graduate on top of the class!
When: Friday, Mar 22, 5:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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