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Fri Mar 1: Charting YOUR Future in Public Health: Explore Diverse Pathways at UC Berkeley School of Public Health

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Derric Bynum, MA
Director of Admissions and Recruitment
UC Berkeley School of Public Health
Friday, March 1, 2024, 
5pm-6:30pm PST

Click on the YouTube link below to view this webinar. Once you have viewed the presentation, you can log back in and take the Quiz for this event. A score of 70% or above will earn you a Certificate for 2 hours of Medical Mentorship.

Workshop Description:
“Charting YOUR Future in Public Health: Explore Diverse Pathways at UC Berkeley School of Public Health” is a captivating and informative workshop tailored for community college and university PreMed students interested in the expansive field of public health. This session will guide you through the diverse specialties at UC Berkeley School of Public Health, ranging from epidemiology, biostatistics, and health services to cutting-edge areas like health economics, public policy, occupational safety, and environmental health. The workshop also delves into crucial aspects of community, behavioral, sexual, and reproductive health, providing a comprehensive overview of public health’s broad spectrum.
The workshop is led by Derric Bynum, the esteemed Director of Admissions and Recruitment at UC Berkeley School of Public Health. Derric’s extensive experience in higher education, especially in admissions and recruitment, equips him with unique insights into the public health educational landscape. His passion for supporting and inspiring students on their educational journey makes him an exceptional guide for those exploring their future in public health.
This workshop is an unparalleled opportunity for aspiring public health professionals at both undergraduate and graduate levels to understand the scope and depth of this field, explore various career paths, and receive valuable guidance on making informed decisions about their academic and professional futures. Join us for an enlightening experience shaping your understanding of public health and its critical role in today’s world.

About the Speaker:
Derric Bynum joined BPH in August 2023. Derric has worked in higher education for over 10 years, with eight of those working in admissions and recruitment. His love of working in higher education comes from interacting with, supporting, and inspiring students to pursue and persist in their educational journeys. “I deeply and personally understand that the road to and through students’ educational journey can oftentimes be difficult, and the support that students receive along the way can make or break student’s experience and sense of belonging during their time as a student. That is why I have found myself working in capacities that both encourage students to pursue their education and support during their education. In a way, these students inspire me to continue working in higher education,” says Derric. He earned his MA in higher education & student affairs from the University of San Francisco and received BAs both in sociology and African & African American studies from UC Davis. Derric is a Bay Area native, born and raised in San Jose, CA. In his free time Derric enjoys hiking, cooking, training at the gym, binge watching his favorite shows and movies, and watching NBA games (especially the Warriors) in his free time.

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Topic: Charting YOUR Future in Public Health: Explore Diverse Pathways at UC Berkeley School of Public Health
When: Friday, Mar 1, 5:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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