Dr. Alesia Wagner, Steven Davis, Sallie Canumay and Huzefa Moiz

Fri Nov 11: What is Osteopathic Medicine & How to be a Competitive Applicant at Touro CA College of Medicine

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Alesia Wagner, DO, FACOFP
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, 
Associate Professor in Primary Care 
Chair of the Curriculum and Admissions Committees
Touro University California College of Medicine

Steven Davis, MAPsy
Director of Admissions
Touro University California College of Medicine

Sallie Canumay, MS, OMS2
2nd Year DO Student
Touro University California College of Medicine

Huzefa Moiz, OMS2
2nd Year DO Student
Touro University California College of Medicine

Friday, November 11, 2022
5pm-7pm PST

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Workshop Description:
Have you heard about DOs but don’t know anything about it? Are you unsure about what they can do? Are you curious about Osteopathic Medicine? Do you know that there are 125,000 DOs practicing in all specialties, from Primary Care to Neurosurgery? 
Do you know that there are 31,000 Osteopathic Medical Students in the US? 
Do you know what it takes to be accepted into the DO program at Touro University California College of Medicine?
Then you should come and hear and ask questions from Dr. Wagner, Chair of Admission and Curriculum, Mr. Davis, Director of Admission, and 2 Osteopathic Students, Sallie and Huzefa, about Osteopathic Medicine and how to get accepted into TUCOM.

About the Speakers:
Dr. Alesia Wagner graduated in Osteopathic Medical school at Des Moines University in 1983 and received lifetime board certification from the AOBFP in 1991.  She went on to earn the Fellow award from the ACOFP in 2002 and the Distinguished Fellow award from the ACOFP Conclave of Fellows in 2015. She currently serves as the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Associate Professor in Primary Care and Chair of the Curriculum and Admissions Committees.
Dr. Wagner has practiced as an osteopathic family physician in her own practice as well as an employed physician.   From 1999-2003, she was the Director of Medical Education and Program Director for the Family Medicine Residency at Lake Mead Hospital. She then spent 9 years working in occupational medicine, as a Regional Medical Director for US Healthworks, where she had oversight for 35 occupational medicine clinics in southern California.  In 2013, Dr. Wagner joined the faculty at TUCOM full time. Initially, she was an Assistant Professor and Clinic Physician Lead at Family Health Services clinics for TUC.  In 2016, she was promoted to Associate Professor and co-course coordinator the four semester Osteopathic Doctoring courses.  In 2017, she was asked to serve as Vice-Chair of the Primary Care Department. 
Since arriving at TUCOM, Dr. Wagner received the Douglas Ward PhD Educator of the Year award from the American Osteopathic Foundation in 2016, Master Preceptor award from the ACOFP in 2017 and the Physician of the Year award from OPSC in 2018.  She is a Costin Scholar, completing the 1-year course in 2015. In 2020, Dr. Wagner completed a one-year long course and received a certificate of completion in Effective Instruction from The Association of College and University Educators for in-person teaching and completed the on-line teaching course in 2022. In 2021, she was recognized as Item-Writer of the Year for Comlex Level 3 – CDM by the NBOME for 2020.

Steven Davis has filled several positions within the world of graduate and professional school admissions for nearly 25 years and he is currently the Director of Admissions at Touro University California, a position he’s held for more than 10 years. Mr. Davis has a Bachelor’s degree from California State University East Bay and a Master’s degree from Touro University Worldwide. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family and reading various books in the Fiction, Science Fiction, and Fantasy genres.

 Sallie Canumay is a second-year medical student at Touro California. She went to CSU Monterey Bay for undergrad and then took a couple of years off to work before starting her journey into medical school. She decided to do the Masters of Medical Health Sciences program at TUCOM to strengthen her application and foundation and then applied and matriculated into the following cycle.

Huzefa Moiz is a 2nd-year med student at Touro. After high school, she went to community college for 2 years in Southern California before transferring to UCLA to finish her undergrad degree. She took some time off after getting her bachelor’s and spent a year in a post-bacc program and a year working before ultimately starting school at Touro California. 

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Topic: What is Osteopathic Medicine & How to be a Competitive Applicant at Touro CA College of Medicine
When: November 11, 2022, 5:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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